Your Connection To the Outdoors

Become A Trip Leader

We encourage chapter members to consider becoming qualified volunteer trip leaders.

Each activity committee sets its own activity-specific leadership training requirements. This is to make sure that leaders are qualified and prepared for possible problems that are unique to the activity. For example, bicycling trip leaders need to know how to deal with mechanical issues that may occur on the road, climbing leaders need to understand rope handling, paddling leaders need to know how to deal with various river conditions. These requirements are pretty flexible and reasonable, however. We'll do a lot to help you meet them and get any training you might need or want. Since the details are specific to each kind of activity, we recommend that you contact the chairperson of a particular committee whose trips interest you.

The best source of contact information for current activity committes is our Executive Committee roster. Simply find the committee chair who is responsible for the area(s) of interest to you, then call or email the person indicated. Just say you're considering becoming a leader and want to know more.

For general inquiries, feel free to contact our vice chairperson. We'll make sure you find out what you want to know.