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Appie of the Year 2017 | Mike Zlogar

Mike Zlogar speaking

Mike’s involvement most fully embodies the spirit of the award, in this case, given to an individual whose leadership and involvement is very much behind the scenes. Mike is a Steward of Trails . He is a wildlife biologist, a retired fire chief , a leader with the Boy Scouts, and a member of the New England Scenic Trail Committee. Mike is truly multifaceted in his outdoorsmanship. He is a cold-weather camping and survival expert, a wilderness first aid instructor, a tireless hands-on project leader, knowledgeable of trail maintenance and construction skills and is a one-person construction crew.

He is like a tree with roots that extend far beyond the canopy he provides. Mike is the manager and organizer of the NET trail crew, whose mission is to deliver equipment and expertise. He knows each of our NET trail stewards, providing equipment, elbow grease, and guidance. Though Mike maintains a section, Mike can be found on any of the sections of the NET. If a steward has a maintenance day, Mike will be there.

He has helped design and construct bog bridges, moved boulders to construct stairs, and helped construct NET’s only overnight shelter, the Richardson-Zlogar cabin. Mike’s administrative role in the NET is as far more than technical help. With the loss last year of Pat Fletcher, Mike now fills the role as our wellspring of institutional knowledge and source of trail-construction expertise. Mike’s contributes to policy questions, multi-year project planning, day-to-day management of projects, and efforts to organize and train a flexible and versatile group of trail maintainers. Mike is the heart of our NET committee.

He can also be found helping on many trails throughout New England.
Mike Zlogar is an AMC treasure and we are grateful to have him.
Congratulations Mike!