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Support for Bill H.4331 Needed!

Mass state house

While the AMC supports the development of solar power, Massachusetts laws and regulations have permitted many thousands of acres of forest and farms to be lost to solar facilities. A decades old law is being interpreted to sharply curtail municipalities authority to zone for solar facilities to protect key resources. Bill H.4331 is a bill which would restore a municipality’s right to reasonably regulate solar power locations and is supported by the AMC. This bill needs your support to gain passage.

You can help by doing the following:

Read AMC's formal letter of support for this bill.

Contact your local state representative to voice your support for H.4331. Ask them to contact the Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee or Rep. Jeffrey Roy (D - 10th Norfolk)and have them ask that H4331 be voted out of committee AND be included in the upcoming House omnibus climate bill.

Your support can help preserve our valuable natural resources in western Massachusetts!