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Section 15: North Leverett Road, Village Co-op Store to MA 2 via Ruggles Pond (Wendell S.F.) to Farley Village on the Millers River Valley

This lengthy, remote section is almost entirely on narrow footpaths, wood roads, and gravel surfaced forest service access roads on which wild flowers bloom in the summer.

From North Leverett Rd. the trail ascends the north slope of the Sawmill River Valley along Diamond Match Ridge on narrow foot trails, gradually descends via Ruggles Pond, Lyons Brook, and Mormon Hollow Brook to the village of Farley in the Millers River Valley. Much of this section lies inside Wendell State Forest on the south slope of the Millers River Valley.

This is the longest trail section described in the guidebook.

Hikers should note that all sections of the M-M Trail located on state forest land in Franklin County were designated as a "National Recreation Trail" by the National Park Service in 2001. A state owned trail shelter is located in this section, one days hike north of the Mosher Shelter in Leverett.

+ Length: 11.6 miles
+ Elevation Profile