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Section 16: MA 2, Erving "Farley" to Gulf Road, Northfield via Hermit Mountain, Erving State Forest and Crag Mountain

The trail climbs steeply from the village of Farley in the shadow of the high cliffs of Rattlesnake Mountain. It follows the beautiful hemlock shaded ravine of Briggs Brook, next to it's tumbling cascades. From here it proceeds northeast on the ridge and ledges of Hermit Mountain named after "the Hermit" who once lived at a site on its south slope, now accessible by a blue-blazed side trail built by SCA/AmeriCorps in 1998. The M-M Trail rises high above the Millers River Valley offering views southward along the way. It then turns north through Erving State Forest.

The portion that traversed Crag Mt. has been temporarily relocated to South Mountain Road and Gulf Road (due to landowner request).

This is one of the more interesting sections of the trail in Massachusetts.

Note: Backpackers should consider Briggs Brook and Packard Brook to the east as contaminated water sources. Both brooks receive seepage from the nearby Northfield Mountain pumped storage power generation facility, which draws its water from the Connecticut River. Drinking water from these brooks must be filtered, boiled, or chemically treated.

The 46 acre trailhead parcel on Gulf Rd in Northfield was purchased and protected by the Mt. Grace Land Conservation Trust in 2005.

+ Length: 6.7 miles
+ Elevation Profile