Your Connection To the Outdoors

Section 18: MA 78, Warwick to MA 32, Royalston (Worcester County) via Richards Reservoir and White Hill

From MA 78 eastward the trail enters a stretch of unbroken woodland and, after traversing the wilderness solitude of Richards Reservoir inside Warwick State Forest, the trail proceeds roughly parallel to the MA/NH state line to the end of this section.

Mainly the track follows narrow footpaths, old woods roads through once settled farmland, across rolling, wooded hills, and a steep sided, narrow valley with Grand Monadnock beckoning in the distance. This section was substantially relocated onto public lands along the north shoreline of Richards Reservoir in 2004 by BCAMC volunteers. Now, much of this section lies on state forest lands, and as such, was designated as a "National Recreation Trail" by the National Park Service in 2001. A connection is made with the 18-mile Tully Trail on Bliss road.

Hikers will find upon arrival on Richmond Road mile 3.3 that the trail does not go north on the road any more as the 10th edition of the MM guide shows. It now crosses the road and rejoins the old section of trail at the old mile 5.4 and just before a great view of Mount Monadnock. There has been 1.3 miles added to the trail in this section because of the winding nature of the trail here

+ Length: 8.7 miles (updated mileage)
+ Elevation profile