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Section 20: NH 119 to NH 12 over Little Monadnock Mountain and Troy, NH

With the crossing of NH 119 the M-M Trail enters upon one of its longest, most remote stretches from NH 119 to the outskirts of Troy, NH in this northern section where few houses are passed.

This section is generally level at first with a few gradual ascents and descents. From NH 119, the trail goes first northward on old roads, then eastward down into, across, and then up and out of the broad and somewhat swampy valley where Tully Brook begins. At this point the M-M Trail resumes its passage climbing steeply over high, open hills with commanding views of the countryside and Grand Monadnock that appeal so greatly to the hiking community. The superb views of this incomparable mountain, first from the northern crest of Little Monadnock Mountain and then later from Gap Mountain in Section 21 are without peer in southern New England. They will live with you in that inward eye of memory down the years. Here at last is the goal, viewed from the most strategic and varied angles prior to the final ascent in Section 22. For more information, go to

This section of the M-M trail also passes through the southwest corner of [Fitzwilliam, NH]( "Historic Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire").

+ Length: 7.5 miles
+ Elevation profile