Your Connection To the Outdoors

Want a Unique Volunteer Experience?

Wilcox South Shelter

Many Chapter members know well how to find out about upcoming trips like bicycling rides, hikes, climbs, and paddling excursions. What isn't as well known is that "volunteer opportunities" are listed in a different place! While most volunteer opportunities take place in the outdoors just like Chapter trips, they aren't really "trips." Rather, they are opportunities to "give back" in different ways, like these:

  • Repair a trail;
  • Paint a shelter used by hikers in remote areas;
  • Build a stone staircase;
  • Clear a field;
  • Become a member of an activity planning committee or the Chapter Executive Committee

You can choose opportunities that involve a one-time commitment of a couple of hours, or opportunities where you'll participate regularly over an extended period of time. Whatever you choose, there will be one or more leaders, you'll meet and work alongside other like-minded individuals, and at the end of the day will have the satisfaction of seeing the tangible impact you and your fellow workers have made in the world.

Ready to support the AMC and its mission? Then follow this link to upcoming Western Mass Chapter Volunteer Activities.