Your Connection To the Outdoors


Pertaining in some way to leading trips/activities for the chapter.

Trailhead Talk

Assess footwear, other clothing

Check for water bottles; ask people if they have 2 liters water

Circle up, do introductions around the circle

Specific Description of the Hike - huddle to review the route on the map
• Review the route
• Review the pace: slow, moderate, fast?
• How long will we be hiking?
• Describe when/where we’ll break for lunch, etc.
• Any special features (stone walls, cellar holes, caves, etc.) for which we should be on the lookout

Become A Leader

All Berkshire Chapter outdoor activities are led by volunteers. Our leaders are skilled in the events they lead. In addition, we have leaders that represent the respective activities and groups of people, that come together about monthly for Executive Committee meetings. We encourage our members to become leaders in the outdoor activities they love, and to participate further in the Executive Committee if you're interested. See our home page for meeting information, or contact if you have questions.