Bicycling Committee

We are experienced cyclists who enjoy social, recreational rides in the range of 15-50 miles at speeds averaging between 10-14 mph, with rest stops and optional post-ride socials. We keep the group moving, but we're not racers.
Three different classes of e-bikes
Classes of e-bikes.
Three different classes of e-bikes
Classes of e-bikes (click to enlarge).
All of our trip leaders are volunteers, trained by the AMC in group management, and by the Bicycling Committee leaders to have the skills necessary to plan and run safe, enjoyable group bicycling trips.

Group Ride Policies

  • All AMC rides require advance registration. We pre-screen all riders to ensure comfort and safety.
  • You must have a bicycle in good working order. Road, touring, or hybrid bikes are acceptable. Effective 05/2023 we now permit Class 1 pedal-assist bicycles (see diagram). Mountain bikes are not permitted.
  • You must wear a properly-fitting bicycle helmet at all times while riding. You must carry an adequate supply of water with you (one or two water bottles is typical).
  • At a minimum you must have a spare tube that fits your tires. It is strongly recommended that you carry a full fix-flat kit that includes tire levers, a patch kit, and a portable air pump or CO2 inflator.
  • For rides of an hour or longer, we encourage you to bring a light snack with you. There may or may not be opportunities along the route to purchase drinks and snacks.
  • You do not have to be a member of the AMC to participate in our trips. (Though we do encourage membership! Join here!)

Introduction to Recreational Riding Series

In May through July of each riding season, we lead a series of bicycling activities specifically for people who are new to recreational outdoor group cycling. Each activity begins with a short training session. The session covers basic on-road rider safety, proper helmet fit, efficient pedaling and gear shifting techniques, and simple bike maintenance skills. After the training, we lead the group on a relatively short ride. Rides are under 15 miles in length and follow scenic rural roads which are mostly flat. The riding pace is relaxed (9-11 mph average), there are regular rest breaks, and the AMC-trained bike trip leaders always keep the group together.
All of our group ride policies (see above) apply on intro rides. This ride series is suitable for adults who are comfortable with being continuously active in the outdoors for 90 minutes. After the ride, participants have an opportunity to ask the leaders any questions they might have. The goal for the training is to build rider confidence, ensure riders can maintain their bicycles in good working order, and prepare them for more challenging rides later in the season.

Activity Schedule

There are no more bicycling activities scheduled for 2023. By early March 2024, activities will be posted here.
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