Hiking Committee

The Hiking (formerly Outings) Committee organizes general, non-technical events such as hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and backpacking trips. We have a very long list of hiking trips. Most hikes occur on weekends, but we do have a tradition of Tuesday hiking trips as well. Check out our schedule!

Thanks to the leaders for leading this hike - what beautiful snow-covered scenery and that view of Quabbin was amazing! – Nancy

Thanks to the leaders for leading this hike - what beautiful snow-covered scenery and that view of Quabbin was amazing! – Nancy

Sometimes, in the winter, our "hiking" trips suddenly become "snowshoeing" or "cross-country skiing" trips. Such is life in New England!
We're always looking for trip leaders, especially those with new ideas for trails to hike. If you're interested, please contact our Hiking Chair.

Joining a Hike

Please read the AMC Trip Policy (PDF) before joining a trip.
Be sure to bring lunch and liquids, bug repellant and sunscreen, and clothing and footwear appropriate to the conditions. When car-pooling, please offer a contribution to the driver for fuel costs.
To find out more about a scheduled hike or to sign up, contact the leader, coordinator, or other person listed for that trip.

Upcoming Activities

Click or tap on the Register links to learn more and/or register for activities.

Tannery Falls, Savoy Mountain State Forest

Location: Savoy, MA
Date: 27‑Feb‑2024
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We will start on the Tannery Trail to the intersection with the trail that goes down 0.2 miles to Tannery Falls. If it's cold enough, you will be treated to two magnificent frozen waterfalls. Tannery Falls is an 80-foot series of tall plunges and curving horsetails. Parker Brook Falls lies only feet from Tannery Falls, and this multi-section plunge waterfall drops down through an angular gorge. It's an amazing site to see especially in the winter. We will backtrack uphill by the gorge and pick up the Ross Brook trail to Tannery Road and back to our cars.
Meet at intersection of Burnett Road and New State Road in the parking lot for Savoy Mt. State Forest. Snowshoes and/or traction aids may be required. Can be icy and it is rather steep so you must have your traction aids (either Microspikes or Hillsound trail crampons) with you. Come prepared to have fun!! Please wear wool/synthetic socks and proper footwear (insulated/waterproof hiking boots are the best choice), bring snacks and lunch, water and/or hot drink (a liter or two should be enough for the average hiker), rain/snow gear (if forecast calls for precipitation), and hiking poles if you use them. Some folks like to wear gaiters, others enjoy wearing waterproof or snow pants when the snow is deep. Dress in layers. Dress for cold weather (hats, gloves, etc.). Avoid cotton as it does not dry once wet. Please contact the leader if you do not have all the equipment or need information on trail conditions.

Tuesday Hike: Cheshire Harbor Trail/Mt Greylock

Location: Berkshires, MA
Date: 05‑Mar‑2024
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Join us for a hike on the Cheshire Harbor Trail to the summit of Mt. Greylock - the highest peak in Massachusetts. This will be an out-and-back hike of approximately 6.2 miles on a moderately challenging route to the top with 1,916 feet of elevation gain. Pace will be slow to moderate. Lunch will be at the summit where we hope to catch some views.
Please meet and be ready to hike at the Cheshire Harbor Trail parking area. Track I winter gear is required. Please bring microspikes and snowshoes to trail head. A decision will be made as to what to carry the day of the hike.
Wear warm socks and proper footwear (sturdy waterproof hiking boots are the best choice). Some folks like to wear gaiters. Others enjoy wearing waterproof pants when the snow is deep. Dress in layers. Dress for cold weather (hat, gloves, neck gaiter). Please avoid cotton as it does not dry once wet. Bring snacks, lunch, and water (a liter or two). Bring hiking poles if you use them.

Bearsden CA Hike

Location: Athol, MA
Date: 19‑Mar‑2024
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Our hike is in the historic Bearsden Conservation Area (CA) located in Athol, MA beside the Millers River. This is a loop hike covering 6.5 miles with 600' of elevation gain. Our pace is a moderate 1.5 mph. You will be outdoors for most of the day; dress accordingly.
Depending on trail and weather conditions microspikes and snowshoes will be required. A clothing and gear list will be provided. Note, you must have insulated winter hiking boots and a rain/windproof jacket.
Because of logging activity, we will stay off the ridge-line. However, we will take a snack-lunch breaks at the beauty Millers River Buckman Shelter. If time permits we will have a fire.

Hike Leaders' Meeting

Location: Russell, MA
Date: 07‑Apr‑2024
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On Sunday, April 7th, there will be a hike/meeting of the Western MA Chapter hike leaders with a focus on planning hikes and networking with Chapter hike leaders. Leader, leaders-in-training, and those interested in becoming a hike leader are welcome!
Location: Noble View Outdoor Center, 635 S Quarter Road, Russell, MA. Agenda: 10:00 AM (short hike around the property), 11:30 AM (potluck brunch/social time), 12:30 PM (meeting begins).
Please bring something to share for the potluck. Plates/utensils, and water will be provided.
Please bring a list of the trips you are planning, or would like to plan. Please bring a list of the trips for which you need a co-leader.

Activity Schedule

All activities are subject to cancellation due to poor weather conditions. Check activities on for up-to-the-minute additions not yet shown here. Not all activities may be posted yet.
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