August Camp 2024: Central Cascades

Camp brochure
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Camp brochure
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Date: 20‑Jul‑2024 ➢ 17‑Aug‑2024
Location: Sisters, OR
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Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of the Deschutes and Willamette National Forests, as well as the pristine Three Sisters and Mount Jefferson Wilderness Areas. There are miles of trails that offer some of the best views in all of Oregon – including Cascade peaks, glaciers, waterfalls, alpine meadows, summertime wildflowers, lava fields, mountain lakes, and other natural wonders.
Choose your own adventure from our diverse range of daily hikes.
Our full-service tent village accommodates up to 64 campers each week. Two-person tents with cots are provided. Our dedicated Croo will serve delicious home-cooked meals. Shuttle service will be provided from and back to the Portland Airport.
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August Camp is the longest-running tradition in AMC's history, dating back to 1887. The location of the camp changes every year, and ranges from Maine to Washington, with many points in between.
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