DEI Committee Highlight
On Monday, June 19th, our country will celebrate Juneteenth for the third time. In 2021, President Joe Biden signed a bill passed by Congress declaring June 19th a federal holiday. This holiday commemorates the day that Union troops occupied Galveston, TX to declare that slavery is illegal on June 19, 1965.
While for many it's an extra day off and a chance to catch up on sleep or yardwork, we feel it's a great opportunity to remind everyone of the goal of the AMC:
AMC is inspired by the untold diversity of our members and friends. We aim to be an inclusive, equitable, and kind community. At AMC we are united in our adventures by mutual trust, collective safety, respect for the natural world, and appreciation for our time together outdoors. We pledge that AMC will always provide a welcoming and respectful environment.
Learn more on our DEI pages.
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