Peggy McLennan - 2023 Appie of the Year

Communications Committee Highlight
Peggy McLennan
Peggy McLennan
Peggy has been a member of the AMC for 25+ years. She donates generously to AMC with monetary resources and her time. She organizes one fourth of the yearly Western MA Chapter Tuesday Hikes, recruiting leaders and coordinating the Anniversary Hike and celebration, which just celebrated 24 years!
Peggy loves attending our in-person Annual Meetings and other events featuring speakers who enrich her knowledge of the natural world. She's volunteered at Noble View for more than 10 years and was a volunteer member of the Noble View Committee who kept the facility running "back in the day".
Peggy is a world-wide traveler and enriches the lives of local chapter members and the community with her knowledge and appreciation for the many diverse cultures and countries she has visited. She is a former Peace Corps volunteer and a deserving recipient of the 2023 Appie!
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