AMC's 147th Annual Summit

This year's Annual Summit will focus on volunteers in committee, facilitator, and leadership roles by providing discussion sessions, interpersonal-skills training, and opportunities for collaboration. This 1-day event will include a full schedule of learning opportunities, a catered lunch in the Four Points ball room, the presentation of club-wide awards, and an organizational update by AMC's new CEO Nicole Zussman.

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August Camp

August Camp 2023 will be located on a brand-new site in Oregon!  We’ll be camped on private land between Sandy, OR, and Mount Hood Village, only about an hour’s drive from Portland International airport, making this one of the most easily accessed sites Camp has had in many years.  We will have access to great hiking in sections of the Columbia River Gorge and around Mount Hood, and in the Mt Hood National Forest.  There is easy access on foot to the Sandy River.

Week 1 July 15-22

Week 2 July 22-29

Week 3 July 29- August 5

Week 4 August 5-12

Appie of the Year

We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Brant Cheikes, the 2022 Appie of the Year Award recipient for the western Massachusetts Chapter! Brant is finishing his third year as the Chairperson for the Western Mass Executive Committee, after agreeing to take on a third year when no chair could be found for 2022.

Help MA Determine Where to Locate Solar

As the Commonwealth of Massachusetts addresses climate change through renewable energy development and other strategies, AMC and partners have urged Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to identify areas where solar development should be avoided and encouraged. A solar siting analysis by DOER found that almost 8,000 acres of forest and farmland were developed for ground-mounted solar between 2010-2019.

Announcement to hikers in the Dalton area!

Attempted theft from vehicle parked at Grange Hall Rd, Dalton.

On the weekend of July 16/17, a visitor parking overnight at Grange Hall Rd near the Appalachian Trail in Dalton Mass, reported that an attempt was made to steal the catalytic converter from their vehicle. Police were notified, and indicated that similar incidents have been taking place in the larger area generally. Appalachian Trail parking does not seem to be the focus of the thieves, as no other reports of Trail parking area vandalism have been received by the AT Committee to date.