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After years of reduced budgets, environmental programs and agencies in Massachusetts are poised to receive a real boost in funding.

The House, mindful of how important the natural environment is to the well being of the state, has passed a budget including substantial increases for the Department of Conservation and Recreation and related programs. The Senate is now debating the budget and messages to senators urging them to match the amounts called for by the House are needed.

Please email your state senator ( requesting that they support the following budget amendments:

  • Amendment #163 - Department of Conservation and Recreation:State Parks and Recreation (2810-0100) – Increase to $50,000,000
  • Amendment #172- Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (2310-0300) – Increase to $500,000, consistent with the House
  • Amendment #165– Conservation Land Tax Credit: amend the General Laws to raise the cap for the CLTC program from $2 million to $5 million per year

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Help Wanted

The chapter conservation committee is looking to chapter members to alert us of threats to trail corridors, scenic vistas, and vital ecosystems. Whether it's development, inappropriate resource managemnt, invasive species, etc.. that poses the threat, the chapter cannot help if it desn't know. If you are aware of an issue please contact