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3rd Annual Outdoor Festival a Big Success!

Jan Alicia Nettler receives AMC Volunteer Award

The Berkshire Chapter's annual Outdoor Festival at Noble View on Saturday, September 15, was a great success, with more than 150 attending.

Highlights of the event included:

  • Guided hikes on Noble View trails 
  • History and future of Noble View talk by Frank Evans, Noble View Chairperson
  • Interactive poi dancing demonstration by Jo Sarnelli of Small Planet Dancers
  • Beginner ukulele lessons
  • Music by the AEIOUkuleles during lunch
  • Chicken and veggie burger BBQ 
  • Light Backpacking Display by Grace Ferrante providing tips and answers to backpacking questions!
  • Music by Dave Hausman & friends 
  • Silent Auction 
  • Raptor Presentation by Erin O’Connell from Environmental Learning Centers of Connecticut with two screech owls and a red-tailed hawk!

Congratulations to Jan Alicia Nettler, Berkshire Chapter Chair from 2015-2017, who received the AMC Volunteer Award from Faith Salter, Director of Volunteer Relations for the AMC.

Thanks to all those who helped to make the event a success:

  • Martin Mahoney and Jan Nettler who helped out in ways too numerous to mention!
  • Kathy Martin -- hike coordination and leading
  • Heather Wyman -- kids programs, poi dancing and was a ukulele musician
  • Jo Sarnelli of Small Planet Dancers poi dancing
  • Grace Ferrante -- Light Backpacking display
  • Brant Cheikes -- Fix-a-Flat table.
  • Erin O'Connell -- Raptor presentation
  • Andrea Minoff and Tricia O’Neill -- registration table
  • Chris Reyling and Bill Fogel -- park lot attendants
  • Music was provided by Joe and the AEIOUkueles and Dave Hausman and Friends. Joe also gave a ukulele lesson.
  • Berkshire Mountain Search and Rescue -- equipment and dogs were a great addition
  • Lunch buffet table set up help -- David and Lisa O’Leary, Helen Symons, Dona Burdick, and Diane Jones and more
  • Frank Evans and friends  who cooked for the BBQ
  • Bob Cherdack spoke about conservation to the group
  • Laura Stinnette helped with signage and promotion, flowers, and anything that she thought should be done!
  • And all who set up for the day and cleaned up afterward
  • A special thanks to Frank Evans and Nate Cherniak for taking care of Noble View and making it the wonderful treasure that it is!