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Live Stream Season 2, Episode 4: Tales from the Trail: Explore the Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail

What’s the best way to travel from the US/Canada border to the ocean? By boat of course! The Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail (CRPT) is a series of campsites and river access points spanning 400+ miles of the Connecticut River through NH, VT, MA and CT. Traveling along the Connecticut River offers endless exploration, adventure, and a way to “get away from it all.”

Join us to hear tales of this river journey from Cathy (Mumford) Brennan and Tim Lewis, two Source to Sea paddlers who have made the trek themselves. Joining them will be CRPT executive committee members Kristen Sykes (AMC) and Gabriel Chevalier (CRC) to provide a brief history of the trail and introduce a new app designed to help paddlers navigate the river!

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